Health Benefits of Moringa Leaves

By | April 5, 2022

Health Benefits of Moringa Leaves

For centuries, Moringa oleifera has been acclaimed for its numerous health benefits. It is rich in anti-oxidants and bioactive compounds of several bioactive plants. It has many health benefits, from which only some have been explored so far. According to researchers, the amino acids present in the Moringa tree inhibit the growth of leukemia cells. Moreover, it has an anti-inflammatory activity that prevents development of rheumatoid arthritis.


The health benefits of moringa leaves are mainly due to the presence of quercetin and catechins. Quercetin is a powerful anti-inflammatory substance, which may be helpful in reducing arthritis pain. However, it is important to note that quercetin should not be confused with aspirin, as they do not have the same molecular structure. Quercetin is found in the seeds of the Moringa plant, while aspirin is found in the leaves. Antioxidants present in the seeds and stems of moringa seeds prevent oxidation of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL), thus lowering the risk of heart disease. Reducing the levels of inflammation also decreases the risk of stroke and certain cancers of the body.


The health benefits of moringa leaves are further supported by studies that showed that the compound polyphenols present in the leaves are effective against several types of cancer, such as colon, prostate, breast, ovarian, stomach, throat, esophageal, pancreatic, leukemia and lung cancer. Moreover, the anti-inflammatory properties of these compounds help relieve asthma and other respiratory tract disorders. They can even destroy harmful bacteria in our digestive tracts. These compounds found in the leaves of the plant are believed to increase blood flow to the heart. As a result, there is a decreased risk of heart attack or stroke.

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As for the health benefits of moringa leaves and its extract, another important compound is lycopene, which is proven to fight off free radicals and increase the antioxidant content in our bodies. It is also considered to have strong anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. In addition, this powerful antioxidant acts as a powerful scavenger for oxygen molecules. Antioxidants help to prevent the oxidation of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol and triglycerides, which in turn lowers the levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) and increases the levels of good cholesterol (HDL).


Moringa leaves contain more vitamin C than any other natural source. Additionally, it has over two thousand milligrams of potassium, many times more than the vitamin C that can be found in oranges, carrots and other vegetables. This provides a rich source of nutrients and antioxidants for a healthy mind and body.


Moringa leaves extract is used in a number of ways to treat a variety of health conditions. For example, it has been used to treat diarrhea and intestinal problems, burns and wounds, rheumatism and muscle spasms, varicose veins, acne, diverticulitis, menstrual cramps, inflammation, neuralgia, psoriasis, varicose veins and other inflammatory conditions. Moringa leaf extract has also shown to help in lowering blood pressure, as well as cholesterol. It has anti-aging properties, accelerating cell regeneration, accelerating wound healing, and preventing age-related diseases like Alzheimer’s disease and macular degeneration.

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