Natural Remedy For Diabetes

By | April 8, 2022

Natural Remedy For Diabetes

For thousands of years, vinegar has long been an integral part of the human diet. With no other natural substance on the planet comparable to it in terms of health benefits, vinegar has long been a popular addition to many people’s daily health regimens. Now, there are literally hundreds of varieties of vinegars available on the market, each one claiming health benefits. The trick is separating the wheat from the chaff when choosing which variety to add to your daily health regime.


Vinegar has health benefits of vinegar that range from antiviral, anti-fungal and antiseptic properties to improve digestion and promote proper bowel function. Many people swear by white distilled vinegar, a traditional brand popular in many eastern cultures. White distilled vinegar is usually 95 percent acetic acid, making it slightly alkaline. The health benefits of vinegar made from sugar cane, rice, or other grain products are almost never compared to the health benefits of acetic acid from white distilled vinegar.


There are several health benefits of vinegar that have both historical and modern significance. For example, the health benefits of vinegar are supported by anecdotal evidence, with many documented cases of its beneficial effects on blood lipid levels. Those who have high blood lipid levels are advised to include vinegar in their daily diet for improved overall health. Of all vinegar ingredients, however, white distilled vinegar has the highest concentration of acetic acid, which means it is the ideal source to achieve the most desirable results, as the acid will significantly reduce blood cholesterol levels.

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One of the best known health benefits of vinegar is its purported ability to help in weight loss. While scientific study has not specifically addressed the issue, many have supported the use of both vinegar and its main ingredient – Apple Cider Vinegar – as a means of losing weight. Apple cider vinegar contains natural ingredients that favorably affect intestinal bacteria that are responsible for reducing food intake and reducing gas production in the stomach. This reduction in gastric gas leads to increased calorie consumption, which helps reduce weight. However, the greatest benefit of all the health benefits of vinegar may be the reduction of body fat.


Like many other natural remedies, the health benefits of vinegar can also be traced to the ability of the raw material to reduce LDL (“bad” cholesterol) levels in the blood stream. Animal studies indicate that when the antioxidant polyphenols present in apple cider vinegar are injected into animal models, the animals exhibited decreased LDL cholesterol and increased HDL (“good” cholesterol). Animal studies certainly support the general conclusion that the raw material and fermentation of the vinegar have positive health benefits for humans, although human research is limited by the difficulty of identifying all the possible contaminants in the final product. Regardless, the potential benefits of this vinegar go beyond lowering LDL and increasing HDL levels in the blood stream.


It has been hypothesized that the health benefits of vinegar are influenced by increased consumption. The consumption of one glass of freshly squeezed apple cider vinegar daily was found to decrease fasting blood glucose levels and increase energy expenditure. One study even reported an increase in muscle growth when the addition of apple cider vinegar was made to an exercise program. Animal studies support the potential use of apple cider vinegar as a natural remedy for diabetes, although the clinical relevance of these findings is unclear. Overall, the health benefits of vinegar may be influenced by factors such as frequency and amount of consumption, the pH of the beverage, and the ingredients utilized in the making of the beverage.

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