Best Vlogging Camera for 10 Year old Kids

Kids love taking photos and no matter what their age, there is a camera to suit them there is a wide variety of action cameras available, this now includes one that is specifically designed for kids that are compact, easy to use, and many come with waterproof housing be used to capture underwater action as well as sports activities in the water, so before you start your search for the best vlogging camera for 10 year old kids.

Be sure to consider their likes and dislikes, which is why we put together some of the vlogging camera kits that are now available in the market as always take a look at below to see all the products mentioned and the links to buy them.

Guidelines for the best vlogging camera for 10 year old kids

• Camera type

The first thing to consider is the type of camera you should buy for your child. It depends on the style and requirements of your child.

If your child only wants to record videos, choose a camcorder. However, if he or she is interested in recording video in addition to capturing images, then you should buy a digital camera.

• Video quality

Another thing you should notice is the quality of the video. A good quality camera means that your children will be able to record sharp, clear and high quality video.

Today’s video blogging cameras for kids have HD video quality ranging from 720p to 1080p. Not only will your kids have fun using high-quality cameras, but your audience will be wowed too!

Since you are buying a children’s camera, you don’t have to be a professional. A camera with an 8 megapixel camera would suffice.

• Type of batteries

Some cameras come with rechargeable batteries, while others come with replaceable batteries. If your child is five years old or younger, it is not a good idea to buy a vlogging camera with rechargeable batteries.

You can get cameras with replaceable batteries to keep your kids away from the main power source.

However, in case you get a rechargeable one, be sure to charge the batteries yourself or let children do it under adult supervision.

• Battery duration

After the quality of the video, the most important thing is the battery life. Low battery life is the most common problem young vloggers face.

If you get a battery that works for a long time, it will allow your children to shoot for longer intervals of time without stopping.

Better to get a battery that can last at least 8 hours or more on a single charge to avoid problems.

• Remote control

Today’s digital vlog cameras come with a remote control. With its help, you can easily capture self-portraits, photos, record videos, etc. no need to touch the camera.

Remote control cameras are ideal for children as there is less chance of them dropping the camera on the ground and damaging it.

They can position the camera and then shoot safely from a distance. However, cameras that are remotely controlled tend to be too expensive.

• Durability

The main factor that should influence your decision to buy a kids vlog camera is its durability.

Look for cameras that have a durable and strong build. Your child will most likely drop the camera multiple times. So the camera you get needs to be built in a way that it can handle the bumps.

• Easy to use

You can’t expect vlogging camera for 10 year old kids to be able to use a professional DSLR, right?

When shopping for a camera for your child, make sure it is easy to use and handle. The simpler the controls, the happier your child will be!

Kids cameras always come with essential mounting accessories. These accessories make it easier for them to use and operate the camera.

If your kids are mature and have enough knowledge about vlog cameras, then it is okay to buy a camera with complex functions.

• Affordable

There is a high chance that your child will break the camera they were given. Therefore, you should not purchase a very expensive model that you cannot replace in case of damage.

You should look for a camera that has great features and is affordable in price.

Also, you should keep in mind that a high price does not also mean high quality.

Comparison of Table





PROGRACE Children Kids Camera

  •  HD 1080P/30fps videos

  • Wareproof Function

  •  BATTERY 3-5 hours

VTech Kidizoom Duo 5.0

  • Built-in MP3 player

  • 4x digital zoom 

  • Automatic shut-off 

Konstruktor F

  • Exterior Customization

  • Shutter Speed 1/80 sec

  • Manual Exposure Control 

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9

  • Automatic exposure

  • 2 AA batteries

  • New selfie mirror,

DDGG Kids Digital Camera

  • 1080P HD & 8.0 MP

  • Safe Material& Portable

  • Battery  2-3 hours

ShinePick Kids Digital Camera

  • Eco-friendly

  • Artistic Effects

  • 1000mAh battery

Joytrip Kids Camera

  • 1080P Ultra HD

  • Self-Timer Mode

  • Battery 4-6hours

Best vlogging camera for 10 year old kids

1. Joytrip kids vlogging cameras for beginners

best vlogging camera for 10 year old kids

Joytrip Kids Camera this exclusive camera 8.0 Megapixel PHOTO digital camera technology uses 30 frames per second in high definition 1080P Ultra HD video to quickly identify faces in the picture. With a 2.0-inch LCD screen.

This kid’s vlogging camera captures what kids want to record at all times in three modes:

  • Timer
  • Delay
  • Continuous

with a pretty waterproof case, kids can dive into the water to explore the underwater world due to the built-in rechargeable lithium battery you can record up to 90 minutes plus. Its built-in 750 mAh rechargeable lithium battery makes kids take pictures or videos for 4 – 6 hours and especially this is a vlogging camera for beginners which can automatically turn off when the kids don’t use the camera.

  • Compact
  • 8.0-MP camera
  • LCD screen
  • HD resolution
  • Durable
  • Rechargeable battery

2. ShinePick AT006D vlogging camera cheap price

best vlogging camera for 10 year old kids

ShinePick AT006D this camera uses eco-friendly and it’s the best video camera for 8-year-old with soft silicone material, a shockproof protective shell, durable and safe for kids, provides a comfortable way for the child to take a photo or record a video with it.

Its built-in 1000mAh rechargeable battery can extend the continuous use time. Along with other features, it offers interesting photo effects, frames, and filters, which keep your children away from smartphones and capture scenes or animals simply in nature with the family, experiencing the happiness of the environment.

This camera only weighs 66 grams, which is extremely cute and small in size, perfect for little hands, plus it has multiple frames to select from, so your kids can take photos with 32 funny frames to choose from and leave some funny photos with family or friends.

You can connect to a computer via USB cable or TF card to transfer photos, videos or recharge the camera.

3. DDGG Kids Digital Camera

best vlogging camera for 10 year old kids

DDGG Kids Digital Camera this camera has 8.0 megapixels compared to other kid’s cameras on the market and can take videos up to 1920x1080P, equipped with 4x digital zoom. Also, it comes with more functions, photo capture, video recording, playback, date setting, recording, and much more.

It uses a firm structure of eco-friendly non-toxic silicone material and the package includes a durable lanyard for children to hang the camera on the neck is equipped with a 600mah rechargeable lithium battery can take photos for two to three hours and recharge the camera by connecting it to the USB slot.

  • 1080P HD & 8.0 MP
  • Safe Material& Portable
  • Built-in battery rechargeable

4. Instax Mini 9 vlogging cameras for beginners

best vlogging camera for 10 year old kids

Instax Mini 9 its sleek design incorporates a FUJINON 60mm f / 12.7 lens, offering fixed focus from 2 feet to infinity, and a small selfie mirror is built into the front of the lens design for composing selfies with precision.

Alternatively, a macro attachment lens is included to minimize the minimum focus distance for working with close-up subjects for general shots, the available optical viewfinder incorporates a central target point to aid in image composition dedicated high-key mode produces intentionally overexposed frames for a clearly creative look and also provides an automatic flash that is built-in to provide additional lighting when shooting In low light conditions to control the appearance of images.

The aperture setting can be changed in four steps from twelve points seven to thirty-two to suit various shooting conditions, from indoor lighting to strong sunlight.

5. Konstruktor F vlogging camera with flip screen

vlogging camera for 10 year old kids

Konstruktor F meet the new Konstruktor F camera. This camera has a detachable 50mm f / 10 fixed aperture lens that can focus between 1.6 feet and infinity. It has a waist-high reflex viewfinder with flip-up magnifying glass, a PC jack for connecting an external flash via an optional cable, and manual exposure control, including a 1/80 sec option.

The shutter is unoccupied with the film winding mechanism to allow for multiple exposures and a quarter to the 20-inch tripod is built into the design to allow for stable shooting, plus it provides a range of adhesive packs of Colors included with the kit to allow creative modification of the camera body’s appearance to suit your style.

Another advantage is that it has a built-in PC jack that allows the connection of an optional external flash using a flash cable. millimeter film and also allows you to create multiple exposures and other creative effects.

  • Build Your Own 35mm Film Camera
  • Includes All Components for Construction
  • 50mm f/10 Fixed Aperture Detachable Lens
  • Manual Exposure Control and Focusing
  • Sticker Sets for Exterior Customization

6. Kidizoom Duo 5.0

vlogging camera for 10 year old

Kidizoom Duo 5.0 comes with a 2.4 inch TFT color screen, up to 5.0 megapixel front camera and VGA rear camera, a dedicated toggle button which is great for selfies. With the built-in MP3 player, a built-in speaker and the included headphones, you can transfer and listen to your favorite music.

Another cool added feature is the parental game control settings that allow you to limit the game time for the built-in games, and you can also disable all games through this setting in the best vlogging camera for 10 year old.

It allows you to limit the game time for the built-in games and you can also disable all games through the 256MB built-in memory setting will allow you to store more than 1500 photos or up to 9 minutes of video that automatically turns off after 3 minutes of no operation in camera or movie mode to preserve battery life.

7. PROGRACE Kids Camera

vlogging camera for 10 year old

PROGRACE Kids Camera It comes with a high resolution of 500MP that supports facial recognition and can detect faces automatically. This kid’s digital video camera supports continuous shooting, making it easy to record motion pictures without missing a moment. Also, it supports interval photography and you can choose to take a photo with a delay of 2/5/10 seconds.

In addition, it comes with a sturdy and durable waterproof case that is easy to install and allows you to take photos and videos in swimming, skating, cycling, and skateboarding, it is built with a 7-volt three-point rechargeable lithium-ion battery that provides an hour and a half. of continuous recording time and with a micro SD card slot, the maximum media capacity is 32GB.

  • Best gift for Kids
  • High Configuration


Having a good quality camera is like having a second set of eyes.

With the help of the right camera, you can polish your kids’ vlogging skills. Look out for the important features that a quality camera should have, and your child will have the experience of a lifetime!

If your child is determined and passionate about vlogging, choose one of the products we’ve reviewed above and let him explore the world.

Happy vlogging!


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